These hand beaten singing bowls from India are an exceptional example..." />
Handcrafted Fair Trade Singing Bowls

Handcrafted Fair Trade Singing Bowls

$ 115.00 - $ 230.00

These hand beaten singing bowls from India are an exceptional example of traditional craftsmanship. They are an excellent tool for meditation but they also make an impressive piece of home decor! Each bowl is handmade with a special bell metal alloy that produces a powerful harmonic resonance when played. Lightly tap the exterior rim and move the striker around the outer edge firmly, slowly, and with a stead even motion. The vibration extends from the bowl into your body and soul, connecting you with the artisans and elements they wrestled with to create this fine work of art. Each includes a wooden striker.


Small: 4.75"dia. X 2.5"h

Medium: 6"dia x 3"h

Large: 8"dia x 4"h

Please Note: due to the handcrafted nature of this item, slight variations in size, shape, finish, and texture may occur, lending to each piece's unique character.

DZI Handmade is part of the global Far Trade movement, creating opportunities to alleviate poverty for their artisans throughout India and Nepal. The interests of their producers and their communities is their primary concern, so you can be confident that your purchase is also an act of giving! They finance & manage a school for staff's and local communities' children. The company also makes every attempt to avoid excessive packaging, use natural or non-toxic AZO-free dyes, source locally & sustainably harvested materials, recycle, and use non-mechanized handmade production processes. All full-time staff are also provided with a company-sponsored health care program.

 Fair Trade
$ 230.00

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