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Nectar LOVES to help transform a space, working with our clients to co-create a vibrant environment, rather than simply imposing our own egos and ideas.

Mindful of budgets and sensitive to personalities and the emotions that can emerge as a space is altered, we can work with you to transform a single room or an entire home or commercial project. We have redesigned architectural elements, sourced art, manufactured custom furniture, and sifted through thousands of vendors for the right piece. As a retailer with years of experience rummaging through trade shows and markets all over the world and personally importing from abroad, we can find what you're looking for, and are excited to offer colors, textures and ideas that allow your space to feel truly comfortable and unique. 

Nectar is the best-kept design secret of the Hudson Valley. Here's a sampling of the custom furnishings, lighting, statuary and architectural details Nectar sourced for a Mt. Tremper hotel project (many of which are also available for sale on our website here):


Nectar Interior Design Upstate NY Hudson Valley Emerson Hotel Resort Spa

From top left, clockwise: King Sized Arched Indian Palace Headboard & Antique Rice Chest, Handcarved Jali Window, Bluestone Buddha Head Statue &Moroccan Filigree Pendant Lights, Ornately Carved Antique Doors, Bone Inlay Mirror & Carved Deity Statue, and Square Moorish Pendant Lights


Here's what our clients have to say:

"I have renovated or built from the ground up six buildings in Ulster County, New York in the last 10 years. These private homes and a short-term rental business all were lucky to be decked out with unique pieces from Nectar. Jenny Wonderling has an energetic eye and spirit that loves people and the places they inhabit. Her store and warehouse are a treasure trove that I know to visit regularly. The inventory constantly changes and evolves. It is just the right amount of 'too much' to really be inexhaustible. And being so close to NYC, yet not, her prices are irresistible! I have seen comparable pieces in the city at the best venues for a painful amount more. Jenny's eye in action is a pleasure to have turned on your project. She is clear, smart and virtually tireless, and can always be trusted to be working for and with you. Can't say enough how she has helped my projects come to fruition!" - Sterrett Smith


"Working with Jenny is like working with a close friend with impeccable taste. She overflows with creative energy and brings enthusiasm and sincerity to her work. She understands that decorating one's home is so much more than choosing the right elements and putting them together in a space. She treats it as the personal process that it is, one of creating a home that reflects individual tastes and that welcomes and soothes the soul." - Christina B.


"Jenny’s design services are wonderful! Just walk into her shop Nectar in High Falls, New York, and her taste and sensibility is obvious. That’s how we found her. But the real value is that Jenny gets to know her clients and designs to their likes and personalities…and budget. We purchased a home in ready-to-move-in condition. We did not want a 'project.' But we did want to personalize the space. Working with Jenny, we transformed the entire feel of our space. We did this without gutting the place; without purchasing all new things; without spending and spending; without committing to a year-long project filled with contractors. Jenny worked with us to design around the things we already had. She opened our vision to exactly the right new pieces and she sourced these finds for us. She guided us to some simple but impactful changes to some of the home features. Within a short time, we had a warm home with very nice design style. Jenny is fun to work with; she is warm and caring; she made the whole project a great experience for us." - Jane Dobson


"Walking through the center shopping district in Rhinebeck, NY I came across Nectar's year-long pop-up shop while looking for a place to eat (It was late afternoon and I was starving as was my wife who was with me). Our search for food was interrupted by a beautiful dresser on display in their front window. It was totally unique in the way it was decorated and we decided we had to learn more about it. Once in the front door we were greeted by a charming young lady who offered us a cup of tea and an explanation of what Nectar is all about (architectural details, furnishings, interior design services and advice. We were introduced to one of the business owners (Jenny) who explained the origin of the piece, showed us additional items, made suggestions on alternatives and described the way the item was made while putting our concerns relative to the bone inlay to rest. We learned that the dresser was an excellent example of ethically sourced bone inlay (camel bones from India). We were given details as to size, availability and pricing. As an architect myself (former principal owner of HDR, Inc., an architecture and engineering company with offices around the globe) I have a soft spot for unique and beautiful items that will work for my clients and just as important, fit into our homes in New York and on Martha's Vineyard. After returning to our home I proceeded to take measurements and make comparisons to other furnishings that need to work with the dresser. I visited their website and followed up with Jenny who did everything she could to address my needs. Needless to say, she closed the deal and convinced me to visit their store in High Falls, NY. We left the shop filled with information and ideas and eager to get on with our lunch." - John Williams


Nectar works at an affordable rate to revitalize your project.  Call or email us to set up a consultation in your home or business: 845-687-2870 or 

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