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West Third Brand Societe De Senteur Eau de Toilette

$ 36.00

West Third Brand is a niche fragrance workshop that was established in 2008, which creates distinctive, quality-driven, and affordable fragrances. Find your favorite scent or try something new!

Made in the USA. 2 fluid oz.

Ingredients: filtered water, alcohol, essential oils and finely distilled perfume oils. 

7 Heartbreaks: Citrus notes muddled with the soft floral notes of magnolia and peony. You will be swept away by the undercurrents of sweet apple, pear, and chocolate, with notes hazelnuts and amber. A real heartbreaker.

Love First: Fresh and sensual flowers of lilies of the valley, peonies, freesias, lilacs and Bulgarian roses delicately blended with patchouli and white musk.

Ode to You: A mischievous blend with orange peel, galbanum, angelica, iris, cedarwood, layered with vetiver, patchouli, amber, incense and musk.

Road Trip: White musk, patchouli, and star anise hints of iris, osmanthus layered with sandalwood, vetiver & cedar.

Things Ahead: Oakmoss, vetiver, and rich amber with white grapefruit, orange flower muddled with sage, fresh notes of orris, nutmeg and pimento leaves.

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$ 36.00

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