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Bonsai Gardenia Starter Kit

$ 38.00

Gardenia is renowned for their richly scented white flowers that bloom from May to June in its second year. Grow your own with the Bonsai Gardenia Starter Kit.

A nicely-branching, evergreen shrub in the wild, Gardenia respond well to pruning, making it ideally suited to creating informal, upright tree-like forms.

Growing a bonsai tree from a seed gives you control over the styling of the tree and allows you to have complete enjoyment during each stage of the tree's growth. All of the tree species in our bonsai collection were carefully chosen for their beauty as bonsai as well as for their fast growth rate, allowing you to grow beautiful and authentic bonsai trees in no time!

Our bonsai boxes are exquisitely made in Idaho by hand and each bonsai box is crafted out of 100% recycled US steel and the lid inverses to be used as a saucer. These steel boxes contain everything you need to get your green thumb started, including bonsai seed, OMRI listed soil, bonsai scissors, and directions.

Dimensions: 7.25" h x 4.5" sq