Classic Antique Writing Desk

Classic Antique Writing Desk

$ 1,325.00

This one-of-a-kind desk is very simply one of our favorites. Its understated elegance reminds us of the books we should be writing, if only we had that "room of our own..." But this desk would be a start, with its hand carved details, brass drawer pulls, and turned legs. A room in Tuscany maybe, with a view overlooking the cypress trees and that golden, changing light... Or New York? Or...

Imported from India exclusively by Nectar.

Dimensions: 23 1/4" W 47 3/16" L 30 1/2" H

Please note: due to the antique nature of these writing desks, current stock may vary in size, shape and finish, adding to each desk's unique character.

 One of a Kind

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