Red Faded Denim Fair Trade Scarf

Red Faded Denim Fair Trade Scarf

$ 86.00

This scarf is like slipping into your favorite jeans and your favorite cotton shirt all at once. Like denim, it goes with everything. It is soft and luscious as it appears - made with super soft hand-twisted 'khadi' cotton.

Light and breezy, Indigo Handloom's hand crafted Fair Trade cotton scarves and shawls are delicately sheer with playful patterns to accent any outfit.

Karma, the ancient belief that every action has a resulting reaction, is one of Indigo Handloom's founding principles. Their mission is to bring light to the remarkable craft of hand weave as seen in their fabrics. Their feel-good-fabrics are all handmade by weavers, practicing their traditional craft in small villages across South Asia. Handloom is extremely gentle on the earth. Their khadi fabrics do not require any outside energy source. In addition, by choosing handloom, you employ nine times as many people as fabrics and scarves made with machine-made cloth.

''We select our weavers carefully to ensure that everything we sell is imbued with integrity and artistry.Through our work, we help sustain our weaver's environment and family-oriented way of life. The simple act of buying our fabrics positively impacts the lives of people on the other side of the world, creating a truly feel good product.'' -Indigo Handloom

Material: 100% Khandi Cotton

Color: Red

Dimensions: 71" L x 35" W

This fair trade scarf was made with love and respect - for those who wear it as well as for those who wove it.

Please note: due to the handcrafted nature of these scarves, slight imperfections are to be expected, and only add to each shawl's charm.

 Fair Trade

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