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Fair Trade Marquet Casey Akha Wrap Bracelets

$ 38.00 - $ 54.00

Our Fair Trade Marquet Casey Akha Wrap Bracelets pair a lustrous combination of smaller stones, brass, and crystals to create a fashionable bit of jewelry. Hand-crafted by artisans from the Akha tribe, these wrap bracelets provide you with a generous length, enough for 3 to 4 wraps.

Mix and match our wrap bracelets with other wraps and singlets for different looks: Whether wanting to celebrate the colors of autumn, the beach, the deep woods, or even a bouquet of flowers, these wrap bracelets are sure to compliment your own unique style!

These wrap bracelets are sold individually and are available in 5 different color patterns: oleander, autumn harvest, beachfront, flowerbed, and fawn.

Each bracelet is adjustable to four sizes, giving you the most wrap potential!

The Akha people are indigenous to South-East Asia and live throughout Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Eastern China. Our artisan collective employs over one hundred crafts people, and offers both full-time and part-time opportunities, as well as the opportunity to work from home. This offers maximum flexibility for the artisans to work around their own schedules and other personal or family commitments. A central and highly productive workshop also provides a great social environment where the sound of laughter is abundant as artisans are happy to come work together in a relaxed and fun setting.

 Assorted Styles
 Fair Trade
$ 38.00

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