With delicious and nostalgic scents like Campfire and Bayberry, the Brooklyn born Good Candle Co. believe candles should be simple..." />

Good Candle Co. Scented Soy Wax Candles

$ 33.00

With delicious and nostalgic scents like Campfire and Bayberry, the Brooklyn born Good Candle Co. believe candles should be simple and hand made.

Hand poured right in their own studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, Good Candle Co. carefully pour each candle, inspect them, and stamp each tag themselves!

Each candle is made from 100% American grown soy wax, giving every candle a rich, milky color, and infused with high quality fragrances and essential oils. A braided cotton wick is then added to provide a clean, non-toxic, and even burn.

These wonderful American made candles are sold individually and are available in 15 different scents:

Basil - when you're wishing you had started that fire escape garden in early summer, this will be the next best thing. Fragrance notes: lush basil and green herb.

Campfire - sometimes you just have to get out of the city and build a raging fire. Fragrance notes: it smells just like camping.

Fig - pair this popular unisex scent with a nice glass of Lambrusco, a Prosciutto, or a fragrant Gorgonzola. Fragrance notes: earthy, clean, warm, mildly sweet.

Lavender - lavender is known for its soothing qualities so draw a hot bath, light up a lavender candle and relax. Fragrance notes: lavender and mild citrus.

Lemon Poppy - this scent was created after weeks and weeks of eating a popular Brooklyn donuts shop’s creation at the Brooklyn Flea. Remember to brush and floss afterwards. Fragrance notes: citrus top: lemon, grapefruit, lime. Sweet floral middle: geranium rose and lemongrass. Bottom: mild and sweet. 

Mimosa - brunch is staple of a Brooklyn Saturday morning. Fragrance notes: top: sweet and fruity, citrus. Middle: pineapple, orange, mild stone fruit. Bottom: light lily and mild vanilla. 

Rose - your significant other will appreciate the gesture, and it’ll last longer than any bouquet! Fragrance notes: a well balanced, rosy floral. Toned rose, lily, geranium, marigold and green fern.

Tomato Vine - those delicious tomato plants we wait for all year long will be yours at the ready. Fragrance notes: citrus, green herb, fresh, true green tomato vine accord. 

Americano - good for that mid-afternoon jolt! Fragrance notes: nutty, sweet coffee. Smells like that first energizing whiff as you walk into your favorite coffee shop.

Cedar - the best of both worlds. The rugged outdoors washed up and brought inside. Fragrance notes: earthy top, with a vanilla and strong woody base. A real mellow woodsy scent to bring indoors.

Bayberry - a timeless holiday tradition, light up this Bayberry candle to fill your home with health and prosperity in the new year. Fragrance notes: woodsy and spicy with fir and cloves on a floral lilac base.

Spruce - we love heading out to the mountains to get some fresh air and take a walk through the pines.

Rosemary - not your average rosemary. Save a few extra sprigs from that roasted chicken you're cooking up and keep them handy for a fragrant whiff every now and again. Fragrance notes: cool, crisp, stalky, herbaceous. Sweet and camphor notes from light cedar and eucalyptus.

Citronella - we did justice to the bright yellow bucket candle you grew up with. Infused with natural citronella essential oil, this candle will help to keep the bugs at bay and transport you back to your younger days! Fragrance notes: green citrus top and a fresh, clean camphor base.

Washboard - experience the freshness of an old fashioned country line dry with an herbal, citrus clean. Fragrance notes: citrus top, floral middle and a gorgeous woody amber base note. Smells like freshly line-dried laundry in the Summertime. 

Dimensions: 1 lb mason jar, burn time: 50 hrs

 Assorted Styles
$ 33.00