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Hand Loomed Southwestern Flat-Weave Dhurrie Rug - Red/Green/Blue

$ 975.00 $ 660.00

Imported from Jodhpur, India, our Flat-Weave Dhurrie Rugs are vegetable dyed and handwoven from a sturdy wool and hemp blend, then finished with hand knotted cotton fringe on either end. Reminiscent of Southwestern Navajo patterns, our Dhurrie rugs feature geometric tribal inspired designs in rich earth tones and vibrant colors. The perfect accent for any space.

Dhurrie, very similar to its Turkish and Moroccan Kilim cousins, refers to a technique of weaving where no knots are used. Rather, the weft strands are woven through the warp, creating an extremely durable textile that can stand up to everyday wear with ease. This is a rug you will have forever.

Dimensions: 7 1/2' x 4 1/2'

 One of a Kind