Love Nature NYC Nature Inspired Scented Soy Candles

$ 22.00 - $ 32.00

Each candle in this nature inspired collection is made with natural soy wax, a cotton wick, and a phthalate-free essential oil and fragrance blend. Additionally, each soy-based candle from Love Nature NYC comes in clean, simple packaging.

These candles make great gifts and are the perfect scented accents to add to any home and space! 

Brooklyn-based Love Nature NYC uses nature’s tonics and aromas to uplift the mind, body and spirit. All products are made with natural and organic ingredients and free of harsh synthetics and dangerous chemicals--Absolutely no sulfates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicones, EDTA, phthalates, formaldehyde or parabens, ever! All products are eco-consciously packaged, renewable, clean, biodegradable and made in the USA. Nectar proudly stands behind and loves Love Nature NYC for their exquisite product line and admirable ethics!

Sold individually, these nature inspired candles are available in 16 different scents!

Fir Tree - Beautiful, bold notes of fresh North American fir, native to northeastern mountaintops, adorned and adored by families everywhere during the holidays.

Grass - True to its name, this fresh and enlivening fragrance blends the sweet smell of grass with subtle notes of jasmine. This fragrance reminds us of the welcomed first days of spring.

Ivy - A delightfully clean, aquatic blend with green leafy notes of vine, fresh florals, and just a hint of herbs. Like a charming country English garden at dawn.

Pear - A deliciously fresh blend embodying the essence of our most favorite juicy fruit.

Spice - A warm and cozy blend with notes of spicy cinnamon, amber and sweet evergreens, reminiscent of snuggling up next to the crackling sounds of a roaring fire. Wonderful in any room of the house, especially the kitchen.

Spruce - The nostalgic aroma of freshly cut spruce Christmas trees mingle with gentle notes of citrus to create this irresistible holiday favorite.

Sweet Mandarin & Sandalwood - This fragrance is truly an impeccable pairing. Top notes of sweet, citrusy mandarin give way to the warming aroma of sandalwood with hints of orange blossom.

Sweet Wood & Amber - Sweet and woody, with beautiful notes of amber, vanilla and musk.

Tomato Leaf - Sweet and earthy with subtle floral notes and fresh green nuances. A refreshing new take on an exquisite garden favorite. Simply perfect for the kitchen.

Vanilla FigA warm, exotic blend with well-balanced notes of fresh fig and vanilla. Sweet nuances of coconut and brown sugar round out this popular favorite.

White Gardenia & Lily - Beautiful, subtle notes of white gardenia are matched with the fresh fragrance of exotic lily. An exquisite blend of garden favorites.

White Peach - Crisp, bold and absolutely intoxicating.

White Tea - A soft, delicate blend with strong notes of white tea and beautifully balanced supporting notes of plumeria, white flower, musk and amber.

Bayberry - A wintry mix of bayberry and woodsy pine blended with gentle notes of natural clove, this traditional favorite is sure to keep you in the holiday spirit.

Cederwood & Apple - An intricately layered scent blend with warm, textured notes of cedarwood and amber. Subtle supporting notes of sandalwood, musk, bergamot and a hint of lavender.

Frankincense & Myrrh - A classic fragrance blend revived and reborn. Beautiful warm, musky notes of frankincense and myrrh mingle with subtle notes of amber to round out this iconic scent blend.

Dimensions: 8 oz., burn time: 60 hrs

 Assorted Styles
$ 32.00

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