Nkuku Fair Trade Mango Wood Salad Servers

Nkuku Fair Trade Mango Wood Salad Servers

$ 82.00

These fantastic Fair Trade salad serving spoons have been hand carved from mango wood. The finish is smooth and the natural grain of the wood really shines through. The long handles perfectly match our gigantic Nkuku Sarisha Salad Bowl. Here at Nectar we are overjoyed that our mango wood products are all Fair Trade and sustainable. The mango wood is harvested once the tree stops bearing fruit, making space for farmers to plant new mango trees. This not only means that none of the wood is wasted but offers a supplementary income to mango wood farmers! Natural mango wood, coated in beeswax.

Dimensions: 18" L

Care Instructions: To care for your mango wood, wash in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry immediately. We recommend regularly massaging in an edible oil such as olive oil, walnut oil, or our Mira's Naturals Wood Butter with a dry cloth to nourish and maintain the wood's integrity.

Nkuku works with independent artisans, social projects and small co-operatives while adhering to the globally recognized 10 Principles Of Fair Trade. This allows them to provide their artisans with a sustainable above-average income, in turn bringing economic and social development to their communities. Many of Nkuku's products are consciously handmade from reclaimed and recycled materials. In fact, they gather waste leftover from other industries including cotton from discarded t-shirts, leather, metals and glass as well as recycled saris. 

The relationship between an artisan and his/her handmade goods imbues those items with a story. This makes each product not a mass market item, but an individually crafted heirloom with a unique character all its own. The ancient skills used by Fair Trade suppliers have been handed down from generation to generation, and your purchase helps keep that tradition and culture alive.

Please note: due to the handcrafted and recycled nature of these salad servers, slight variations in size, shape, finish, grain & texture may occur, lending to each piece’s unique character.

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