These adorable wall hooks from the Mini Ascentielle Collection by artist Anne Françoise Carouge will add whimsy &..." />

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Petite Fairytale Wall Hooks

$ 20.00

These adorable wall hooks from the Mini Ascentielle Collection by artist Anne Françoise Carouge will add whimsy & delight to any children's room! 

The illustrations of Anne-Françoise Carouge bring to life the kings, queens, knights, pirates, fairies, dancers, princesses and other characters in this imaginary little kingdom for the very young.
 Her many years as a kindergarten teacher coupled with her keen aesthetic inform the whimsical illustrations she creates for them- both charming and poetic. Take home a part of her wondrous world, where imagination knows no bounds!

Made of porcelain, iron and glass, these hooks are incredibly sturdy, built to last decades to come. They make for truly memorable baby shower gifts!

Dimensions2.2" L x 5.5" H

This set of fairytale hooks includes the usual cast of characters plus a few new ones from A. F. Carouge's tall tale:

One day, in ‘‘Onceuponatime land’’ King Gaspard and Queen Margot gave birth to beautiful a little girl they called Felicity. Felicity had a Fairy Godmother called Perseverance, who gave her a dainty pair of pink dancing slippers. Those slippers were truly wondrous! As soon as Felicity put them on, she spun into a dazzling wonderful dance much admired by all. However, one night, the slippers disappeared ... Alas, the Princess’s spirits sank and she lost her wonderful joy in life. The whole country fell into despair. King Gaspard called on his most faithful Musketeer and Queen Margot summoned her favorite Knight. They charged them both with finding the beloved slippers. Together the Musketeer and the Knight scoured the land high and low, and the rivers too. Returning home desolate and tired and without the slippers, they fell into bed. But before sleep came, it suddenly occurred to them to look under Felicty’s bed… where they found the lost slippers! The Princess learned her lesson. She must be tidy and keep track of her things - toys and precious slippers included. The King and Queen warmly congratulated the Musketeer and Knight. The Princess twirled and danced again, and again. Everyone and everything returned to normal. The Fairy smiled and rejoiced!

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