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Raven + Lily Uzma Fair Trade Recycled Cotton Journals

$ 9.00

These beautiful journals from Raven + Lily are easy to carry, and easy to give. They are crafted with recycled cotton paper and the blank pages allow you to use them for journaling, lists, drawing, and dreaming.

Each journal is made by artisans at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Northern India, where women transform cotton and paper once discarded and seen as waste into something purposeful and beautiful. Military tents, denim jeans, newspapers, and cotton rags now find new purpose as women create paper products from these recycled remnants at a fair wage.

In addition to providing sustainable, fair-wage employment to artisans, Raven + Lily reinvests all of their profits into the social mission of their company: employing marginalized women through design, launching new partnerships, and funding educational and healthcare needs in their partnership community.

These 40 page journals are sold individually and are available in 2 different styles: art deco and trellis.

Dimensions: 5" w x 8" h

 Assorted Styles
 Fair Trade
$ 9.00