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Roost Constellation Xtra Large Pendant Lamp

$ 715.00 $ 500.00

Stardust sparkles of light glow from our luminescent Roost Constellation Pendant Lamps. Globes of zinc-plated raw iron are treated with a phosphate coating to create a darkened halo effect around each hand-drilled hole. Zinc plating deters rust and corrosion on these stellar shades.

The pendants feature 15' long clear cords and porcelain sockets.

 x-large lamps 100 watt max.

These lanterns make for an incredibly elegant wedding gift or house warming present! Mix and match different sizes hung at different heights for a beautiful, cascading effect.


X-Large: 24" dia

Only 1 left!

 Assorted Styles
$ 500.00 $ 715.00

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