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Roost Crystal Flutes

$ 65.00 - $ 80.00

Evoke a bygone era of style and luxury with these charming coupes and flutes from Roost, ideal for serving decadent sweets. Each vessel has a different texture and is made of crystal clear borosilicate glass.

They come in 3 different styles: dessert coupe for serving sorbet or any soft dessert, and champagne flute or champagne coupe (flared brim) for dessert wines or sweet champagne.

Each style comes in a set of 6.


Dessert Coupe: 2.75” DIA x 3.5” H

Champagne Flute: 2.5” DIA x 8.25” H

Champagne Coupe: 3.75” DIA x 5.5” H

 Assorted Styles
$ 65.00