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Roost Etched Botanical Glasses

$ 58.00 - $ 75.00

Delicately hand-etched, each mouth-blown glass reveals a unique pattern quietly celebrating nature. Adorned with simple leaf and stem patterns, these Roost Etched Botanical Glasses bring elegance to any table.

Available in 3 sizes and sold in sets of 6

Due to their handmade, mouth-blown nature, slight imperfections, bubbles and ripples may occur. Don't fret, this only adds to their charm and uniqueness!

Dishwasher safe!


Champagne Flutes: 2" diameter x 7" height

Juice Glasses: 3" diameter x 4" height

Small Glasses: 2.5" diameter x 5" height

Large Glasses: 3" diameter x 6" height - DISCONTINUED

 Assorted Styles
$ 75.00

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