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Roost Recycled Glass Bubble Terrariums

$ 62.00 - $ 210.00

Embrace the art of indoor gardening with these fascinating terrariums from Roost.  Each piece is made of blown recycled glass to create organic and unique curved shapes. They come in 4 fabulous sizes: small, large, and small and large wall mounted. 


Small Terrarium: 11.25” w x 8.5” d x 6.75” h

Large Terrarium: 18” w x 9.75” d x 7.5” h

Small Wall Terrarium: 4.25” dia x 6.75” w x 8” h

Large Wall Terrarium: 4.75” dia x 7.5” w x 10” h

 Assorted Styles
$ 132.00

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