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Roost Recycled Glass Hanging Terrariums

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Free-blown without a mold from recycled glass, these hanging terrariums give a whole new meaning to the concept of hanging plants. Graceful teardrop-shaped glass provides the perfect nesting space for air plants and Tillandsia, a small succulent garden. Don't be surprised if all your plants want to live in one!

Hang these glass bubble terrariums where they can catch the light, but not in direct sun.

Due to the nature of recycled glass, impurities such as bubbles, dimples, flow and grit marks, and rippling may occur, but will not affect the integrity of the glass.


Large (dimensions will vary): 7" - 8" diameter X 16'' tall; rope: 8 ft

Materials: Recycled glass, sisal rope. For indoor use only, sizes will vary.

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