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Soko Fair Trade Corded Mulu

$ 65.00

A V-shaped cast brass pendant is a beautiful and strong focal point on this soft cotton cord. This necklace is both elegant and relaxed, classy and simple, giving it a versitility your other necklaces will envy.

Founded in 2012, Soko was created by women for women to help “fashion a better world” through the equitable direct trade of beautiful goods between artisans in the developing world and web consumers worldwide. 

As this product is handmade using recycled materials, each is one of a kind and may vary slightly.

Materials: Brass, Linen

 Due to the handmade nature and international shipping of this jewelry, there is a 8 week lead time, if the item is not already in stock. 

 Assorted Styles
 Fair Trade
$ 65.00