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The Little Yoga Mat

$ 36.00

These adorable, eco-friendly yoga mats are just the right size for kids. Big enough for a toddler to do downward dog, small enough to fit in your diaper bag—these mats are a win-win for everyone. 

This yoga mat is thicker and more luxurious than most children’s mats. The mat is perfect for yoga, but also great as a play mat, sleeping pad, or surface for an outdoor picnic.

The mat is designed to fit the body of a 0-4 year old child. The Little Yoga Mat is biodegradable, recyclable and hypoallergenic. It is BPA-, latex-, PVC-, formamide- and lead-free. The mats are lightweight with a non-slip grip and clean easily with soap and water. The yoga inspired designs are printed with eco-friendly ink.

Available in two colors: Lotus (purple) and Sun (turquoise/orange)

Material: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), an eco-friendly foam-like material
Dimensions: 14" wide x 36" long x 1/4" thick

 Assorted Styles
$ 36.00

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