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West Third Brand Smell Good Daily Eau de Toilette

$ 32.00

From crisp and clean, to dark and spicy, West Third Brand's Smell Good Daily Tonic's have a scent for everyone - and we mean everyone. These wonderfully androgynous scents will smell just as intoxicating and delicious on men and women! (We Necatarettes admit, we're guilty of giving the men in our lives a gift just to steal spritzes for ourselves.) Pick your favorite or try them all!

Size: 2 fl. oz.

Ingredients: filtered water, alcohol, essential oils and finely distilled perfume oils.

Frangrance Notes:

Smoky Fig - Fresh green fig infused with lemon and Agave leaves. Layered with sage, lavender, and coconut with hints of lily and smoked fir with musk.

Vanille de Santos - Sophisticated and sexy. Vanilla flower orchid layered with jasmine, white lily with subtle hints of exotic patchouli and spice.

Sandalo Tuberosa - Dark tuberose essence infused with orrisroot, sandalwood, smoky patchouli & Vetiver.

Tobacco 1812 - Our best seller! Sweet dried tobacco leaf, aromatic spices & rich honey muddled with cocoa, Tonka Bean, tobacco flower and a layer of dried fruit and exotic wood.

Vert Vetiver - Fresh & Clean.Sicilian bergamot, lemon and grapefruit layered with Vetiver & lily with nuances of patchouli, fennel, cedar wood & a layer of musk.

Voyage D'Tabac - Soft amber with golden tobacco leaves, soft patchouli, red amber combined with Tonka Bean & pure vanilla bean.

XXX - Vetiver, black pepper, exotic spice and wild mandarin, iris, bergamot, benzoin, coumarin, & tobacco

Vintage Patchouli - An elegant blend with tears of pure patchouli enriched with exotic teak wood infused with soft Indian incense and vintage myrrh.

Campo Il Fiore - Green floral notes with tuberose and fresh white flowers riddled with musk and sultry amber, ylang-ylang and a hint of spice. 


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$ 32.00